She never looked nice. She looked like art. And art wasn’t supposed to be nice. It was supposed to make you feel something.


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OJT Application Diary 💓

Two weeks ago, I started applying as an intern. I feel discouraged for not receiving phone calls from the two accounting firms where I was applying for. It’s a bit sad to know that some of my batchmates are already working while I’m still searching…. And waiting. I ask myself, “Do I really deserve to … Continue reading OJT Application Diary 💓

My Puppies have found their New Owners

After almost two months of taking care of them,  these cute little puppies (except 2nd from right) already found a new home.  I will not be able to witness their mischievous kulitness every morning,  how my parents get angry with their mess,  and how aggressive they are  when they see me holding a box of … Continue reading My Puppies have found their New Owners

Strong,  Independent Woman 👩 

(7/26/17)  After we broke up, my ex-boyfriend taught me how to become a strong independent woman. I am too dependent,  he knows that. And so before he left, he stressed out that I need to be independent- not for the people I love, but for the sake of my own self. By then I learned … Continue reading Strong,  Independent Woman 👩 

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