A Birthday Letter to the One of the Strongest People I have known


The day you were born was one of the happiest and unforgettable moments of my life. That day was indeed a blessing in disguise. In fact, we experienced miracle. You are a premature baby. You were supposed to come out on the ninth month but I guess you are too excited that you came out 3 months early. You are only 6 months old in your mommy’s womb yet you survived. I can still remember that there is another premature baby born on that day but did not survive. You are so brave! You are so brave since birth. That’s why you are called “Caryl”. You are our strong little baby- my first ever niece.

The miracle did not happened once. But it happened twice, thrice, or maybe everyday? Everyday is another day to say, “Thank You Lord for giving us this amazing girl.” You faced health challenges since you were a child but you are strong enough to conquer all of those. Years passed by, I have found out that you are also blessed with talents. You have a nice voice (not like me), you love playing musical instruments and we also have the same interest in books and writing. You already made a story on Wattpad. When I’m at your age, I only know how to write articles and poems but making stories is just so difficult for me to do. Possessing those skills is something any family member of a premature baby can be proud of. You also love being alone and adore silence. Sometimes I thought that you only read books for you to have an excuse to just stay stay in your room and be quite. Well, maybe yes. But hey, I know you are a real bookworm and I’m always excited to ask you what’s the story all about whenever you finished reading a book.

You also have your own flaws, of course. Nobody’s perfect. And maybe that is the reason why I can say you are a little Charlene. However, I want you to know that everyday is another day to improve ourselves. We are not born with complete months, but we need to prove to everyone that we are capable of doings things like any normal people do. So what if we are forgetful? We can take down notes to remind us. So what if we are sometimes lazy? We can still change for the better. Yes, we are called “moranta” or “maldita”, but I am proud of you because you have a heart that cares. Not all the people can see it, but you are truly amazing. I want you to know that we may not be perfect, but God is a loving and merciful God. He knows all what our heart desires.

Now that our baby is already an adolescent, I wish you to have stronger shoulders, not lighter burdens. I wish you all the best of the worst, my love. I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎁


My Puppies have found their New Owners

After almost two months of taking care of them,  these cute little puppies (except 2nd from right) already found a new home.  I will not be able to witness their mischievous kulitness every morning,  how my parents get angry with their mess,  and how aggressive they are  when they see me holding a box of dog food. I’m glad I had the chance to keep them. As usual, I’m attached again to some things that I can’t hold for a long time. But for a short span of time that they are with me,  I am the happiest. I’m so lucky to be able to experience stress and fulfillment of being a mother (haha). Also,  I am very happy to know that most (not all)  are in good hands. I wish to see them again- not being the owner anymore,  but maybe in a form of a visitor. 

See you soon babies 😍

I Have a Brother named Charlie (8/26/16)

I have a brother named Charlie. He never looked problematic. For how many years, his life is only filled with Dota, beer, and gambling. At the age of 23, he never met a girl who can change his life. He didn’t like being attached to anyone. He never cared for his looks. He is getting fatter and fatter than before.


I have a brother named Charlie and I want him to change. I want him to find happiness other than his heroes in Dota and bottled of beer he drinks every night. I want him to see the beauty of the real world beyond his vices. To find out what’s life without thinking things which are not necessary.  I want him to think of his future. Because like every other sisters would feel, it aches my heart whenever I see him have his own world. We are supposed to be a family and supposed to care for each other.


I have a brother named Charlie. And whatever will happen, he is still my brother.