My Puppies have found their New Owners

After almost two months of taking care of them,  these cute little puppies (except 2nd from right) already found a new home.  I will not be able to witness their mischievous kulitness every morning,  how my parents get angry with their mess,  and how aggressive they are  when they see me holding a box of dog food. I’m glad I had the chance to keep them. As usual, I’m attached again to some things that I can’t hold for a long time. But for a short span of time that they are with me,  I am the happiest. I’m so lucky to be able to experience stress and fulfillment of being a mother (haha). Also,  I am very happy to know that most (not all)  are in good hands. I wish to see them again- not being the owner anymore,  but maybe in a form of a visitor. 

See you soon babies 😍


I Have a Brother named Charlie (8/26/16)

I have a brother named Charlie. He never looked problematic. For how many years, his life is only filled with Dota, beer, and gambling. At the age of 23, he never met a girl who can change his life. He didn’t like being attached to anyone. He never cared for his looks. He is getting fatter and fatter than before.


I have a brother named Charlie and I want him to change. I want him to find happiness other than his heroes in Dota and bottled of beer he drinks every night. I want him to see the beauty of the real world beyond his vices. To find out what’s life without thinking things which are not necessary.  I want him to think of his future. Because like every other sisters would feel, it aches my heart whenever I see him have his own world. We are supposed to be a family and supposed to care for each other.


I have a brother named Charlie. And whatever will happen, he is still my brother.