OJT Application Diary 💓

Two weeks ago, I started applying as an intern. I feel discouraged for not receiving phone calls from the two accounting firms where I was applying for. It’s a bit sad to know that some of my batchmates are already working while I’m still searching…. And waiting. I ask myself, “Do I really deserve to wait?” or “Is there something that is worth waiting for? ” Maybe I will just be waiting in vain. Maybe I’m just not good enough. That’s why I tried looking for another company.

Unexpectedly, my accounting teacher made a Facebook post about a firm looking for interns. By the way, this firm is one of the biggest firms internationally but not that famous in the Philippines. I immediately send my resume and grades. Luckily, as I am eating in the school canteen last Monday, I was called for an interview. I need to be there quickly. I told myself, “This is it. ” I actually don’t feel nervous on that more than an hour interview though. I just thought that if this is for me, then it will be. I took their examination as well. After three days, I got hired. Amazing! There will always be a blessing in disguise. I love the workplace and the staffs are good as well.

BUT THAT IS NOT THE END OF MY STORY. Last morning, I received a call from the company I visited last week. I passed their examination and they want me to start next week. However, I already have a company to work with. After that, I realize that there is a reason for everything. Maybe I feel so sad last week because I thought that I was not good enough. What if they hired me beforehand? Maybe I will not be able to have the chance to work in one of my dream companies. Maybe I will not be happy to know that we are only two students from my school who made it. And yes, all those maybe’s will not happen because this is all God’s plans. He has better plans for me, really. I feel so blessed.

Hours after, I receive a text message from the first company I went, I am also qualified to be one of their interns. What happened is really on a perfect time. The first two companies made a delay on hiring me because I was destined for somewhere else.

So if you are sad that something you are wishing for did not happen, always remember that God has better plans for you. You just have to wait for the perfect timing. 😊


Strong,  Independent Woman 👩 


After we broke up, my ex-boyfriend taught me how to become a strong independent woman. I am too dependent,  he knows that. And so before he left, he stressed out that I need to be independent- not for the people I love, but for the sake of my own self. By then I learned to carry my own bag, went home alone and do other things independently. A gentleman would do that but it’s never a man’s responsibily. I realize that too much attachment will not bring you anywhere. Closing doors will urge you to become a better version of yourself without the help of other people. I have to be my own comforter because sometimes,  other people will not understand you the way you wanted. I learned to love doing things alone. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do. But if you are like me who experienced trauma, you would realize that sometimes it’s better to avoid attachments. It’s better not to get attached with the person you love. It’s better not to expect that person to be there for you all the time. Because when the time comes that somebody will come in your life, may it be a lover or a friend- it will not be that hurtful if that person will leave eventually.  People come and go.  So you must be prepared.