A Letter From One of The Few

July 25,2017

I am a silent writer. Not overused nor mainstream. Since highschool, I just express my thoughts through poetry, journal and stories (aside from being school publication writer) yet only few had an opportunity to read those. I’m not a good speaker. I can’t even dare to use a microphone while speaking and that no one would observe that I’m fucking nervous. I am not convincing, too. I am good in inspiring no one. I can’t tell you stories face to face nor deliver my poems in a creative way. I’m an outgoing person but I’m afraid to speak to other people. I’m afraid that I might say something inappropriate or people might not be able to get my point, which would really happen most of the time. I’m afraid of making a mistake. So I write. I write because all my thoughts, emotions and even my subconscious are being formed into one piece of shit, lol. Though sometimes they are not well arranged or I have grammar issues, at least I have given the chance to express what I am trying to address. I write because a pen and a paper are my best of friends whenever the world rejected my importance or when people have forgotten my existence. I write but I don’t make noise. I am not one of those people you meet in person or you’ve seen in social media who have a very good vocabulary. I just use simple words. Simple so that the person or people who are intended to read my articles would understand. And I just post them on my blog which only few get to see. I am silent. But I am waiting for the right time that I will not be afraid of telling the whole world my thoughts and ideas. I will break the silence. Soon.


To The Next Guy I’ll Love (9.28.16)

To the next guy I’ll love
Whether you’re a stranger or someone I’ve known,
There are few things I want to say
Just to give you warning before you’ll stay

Please don’t come,
I don’t want you to fall
But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to meet you
I’m just afraid that I might hurt you

I’m drained and really tired
There’s a pain I’m pretending to hide
I’m not ready
I’m still not ready to love you

Please make sure you’re on the right time
To avoid confusions so things will be fine
I still need to have a strong heart
For us to have a fresh start

To the next guy I’ll love
If you are reading right now,
We’ll meet soon if granted by fate
And I’m just right here, willing to wait